Web Design + Management (SAMPLES)
One of my best offered services. As a designer and coder, I can
make sure your site runs efficiently and is unique to your needs

Graphic Design (SAMPLES)
Offering design solutions that creatively combine all sorts of visual communication for your business, from concept to finished product
Book Design (SAMPLES)
I hand-sew + bind all types of books, for gifts, promotions,
personal use, special occasions and more

Photography (SAMPLES)
Whether film or digital, document your next event, take sample
shots of your product, or get custom prints for your home/office.

Video + Editing
From web shorts to commercials, from pre to post production,
we can work together to create video for multimedia and web use

PowerPoint Presenations
Stop using the same old template for your presenations and
get one created specifically for your presenation

Custom HTML Emails
Send personalized emails with your branding


Blog Publishing
Collect week's articles and publish them daily
Social Media Profile + Management
Maintain all your social media profiles up to date
Social Media Training
Learn about social media and use it to your business' advantage
Branded Press Kits
Available in print or web form, for your sales team


As a fluent Spanish speaker, I can translate all your documents
Calendar Management
Helping you maintain your calendar to keep track of your events
Contact List Management
Keep up to date with all your clients' details
Concierge Services
Whether business or pleasure, I can help get around during your travels
Travel Planning
Finding you the best deals for all your travel needs. City guides available
From audio to video, at an average rate of 55wpm
Database Creation
Keep track of your clients information, inventory, important dates, etc
Article Submissions
You write the articles and I'll help you post them throughout the web.
Translating your ideas into readable content, for web and print


For all those things want to look up, but don't know where to start
Finding new ways to improve your business, with reliable information
For when school research gets too overwhelming